Andreas AUER (Associate Professor Ph. D.)

Volcanology; types of volcanic eruptions and related hazards; structures and field relationships of volcanic deposits, petrology of igneous and pyroclastic rocks.

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Shunsuke ENDO (Associate Professor Ph.D.)

Petrology; Metamorphism, deformation and fluid flow in the subducting slab surface and overriding mantle wedge. Tectonic processes in accretionary wedges and high-pressure metamorphic areas. Petrogenesis of metamorphic rocks.

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Hiroki HAYASHI (Associate Professor Ph. D.)

Planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of Neogene sequences in the northwest Pacific realm. Basement structure of the Kanto Plain using deep drilling data for estimating earthquake strong motion. Faunal analysis of planktonic foraminifera for paleoceanographic reconstruction.

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Toshiaki IRIZUKI (Professor Dr. Sci.)

Micropaleontology and stratigraphy ; reconstruction of temporal changes of paleoenvironments using statistical analysis of microfossils and sedimentary facies. Paleobiological study of speciation and migration of Ostracoda (Crustacea) with relation to geological events in Eastern Asia.

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Hiroaki ISHIGA (Professor Dr. Sci.)

Environmental geology, 1) geological and geochemical research on arsenic contamination of ground water in Asia, 2) evaluation of the environmental changes in the intertidal flat of the Ariake Sea, Japan and western coast of Korean Peninsula. Study of bioevents and mass extinctions in geologic time.

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Atsushi KAMEI (Professor Ph.D.)

Petrology; plutonism in and around subduction zones. Petrology, geochemistry and isotope geology of plutonic rocks. Geology and petrology for geological disposal of radioactive wastes and natural analogs.

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Tetsuya KOGURE (Assistant Professor Ph.D.)

Geomorphology, especially in rocky areas. Stability analysis of mass movements such as rock falls, landslides, surface failure and tsunami induced cliff collapses. Laboratory experiments for physical and mechanical properties of rocks.

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Kiyoshi MASUMOTO (Associate Professor Dr. Eng.)

Subsurface fluid dynamics and engineering ; Study of fluid flow behaviour in rock mass of reservoirs. Numerical inversion of hydraulic properties of rock mass.

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Hiroto OHIRA (Associate Professor Dr. Sci.)

Geological exploration and evaluation of thermal history of hydrothermal systems, based on fluid inclusions, hydrothermal alteration and fission-track dating. Thermochronology of sedimentary basins and other tectonic fields.

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Hideki MUKOYOSHI (Assistant Professor Dr. Sci.)

Structural geology; Geological research on accretionary complexes to understand the earthquake faulting process in subduction zones. Study of carbonaceous matter maturation by frictional heat during rapid fault slip.

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Tetsuya SAKAI (Professor Ph. D.)

Stratigrapy and sedimentology ; Sequence stratigraphy of tectonically active basins and sedimentology of siliciclastic sediments.

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Yoshikazu SAMPEI (Professor Dr. Sci.)

Petroleum geology and organic geochemistry; geochemical evaluation of petroleum source rocks. Diagenetic pathway from organisms to geochemical fossils and kerogens. Distribution of organic materials in surface sediments.

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Toshihide SHIBI (Assistant Professor Dr. Eng.)

Geotechnical Engineering ; Study of the mechanical behavior of ground using finite deformation, coupled soil/water analysis, bifurcation analysis, and similar techniques.

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Miki TASAKA (Associate Professor Ph.D.)

Rock mineral physics, Deformation of Earth MAterial, diffusion in Earth materials, and solid state reaction. Physics and chemistry of minerals with an emphasis on the deformation behavior of mantle rocks.

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Fawu WANG (Professor Dr. Sci.)

Geo-Disaster Prevention. Initiation and motion mechanisms of rapid and long traveling landslides. Prediction of landslide motion. Time prediction of landslides. Disaster prevention and mitigation. Marine landslides. Landslides triggered by earthquake, rainfall and water reservoir impoundment.

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